“Education Beats the Beauty and the Youth.”

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By Crystal Wong & Daron Leonard

My partner (Daron) and I (Crystal) chose education as our topic for the 2014 UCC Summer Program because we believe that without an education, a student can not achieve their goals and take advantage of all the opportunities they are given. Nelson Mandela once stressed “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” We strongly agree with this statement. Education opens so many doors for a variety of people. We know education is the only measure that is equal throughout the world, everyone has the capability of learning anything and everything despite their race, religion, gender, or culture. In education, everyone has a leveled playing field.


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“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.” – Chanakya

My partner and I believe that education is universal. Knowledge is the key to success no matter where you are located, even if you are located in a city such as Philadelphia. In the previous school year of 2013-2014, the Philadelphia School District and the City of Philadelphia has been arranging school budget cuts. They have attempted and succeeded to cut many various programs in multiple schools. As Philadelphia high school students, we believe we deserve as much funding as students in the suburbs receive. We are a part of the education group to help efface these budget cuts and find other solutions to the money situation.

Is Education A Lost Cost?

As a student currently being educated under the system of the Philadelphia School District, I chose Education as my topic of interest because it has become the foundation of my future and I am very passionate about where I will be going in life. I feel that many people consider continuing to talk about and pursuing the change of Education and the systems surrounding it is a lost cause because the amount of topics that center around it. For example: school budgets cuts, school closings, the school-to-prison pipeline, standardized testing, the cuts of extracurricular activities, and differences in curriculum in all schools. All this seems like too much but I think that is the exact reason this issure still requires involvement and hundreds of people to speak out about it. Change does not happen in a day. -Destiny

“So I guess our money isn’t good enough for you
So is my money, my taxes a lost cost too
You said you’re giving schools funds
To make sure the education system runs
But what about these budget cuts
Watching our school chairs grow rust
So is our education a lost cause
Thus I am the reason for the police sirens going off.
For I have no future with a low leveled education
I feel like it’s my time they’re wasting”

By: Leilonnie (#leilonnieink)