Samira Thrower

I am a person who loves to go to school and learn new things. I have always been a person who enjoys school and the environment. I am a rising senior at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter High School and i plan on becoming valedictorian this year. My goals after high school are to go straight to college and earn my masters degree and become a teacher. I want to teach children and give them the knowledge that they will need to help them get through life. I am a person who feels that all of my teachers haven’t given me the knowledge that i need in life, but i believe that i won’t make the same mistake that they did. I can’t wait to finish high school and let the world see what i am capable of. People say “your life has begun once you are born”, but i say that “as soon as you reach college, your life has just begun and its up to you to make it your own”.

Daron Leonard

Hi my name is Daron Leonard I m a junior at Mastery Charter Pickett Campus.
I am a person who like to help people with their situations. Also I like to meet new people. I help my little brothers and sisters with their homework. I was born in Philadelphia. I am a student that get High Honors and Honors awards. My birthday is December 24. I am the oldest out of all the boys on my dad side. I have 11 sisters and 4 brothers. I am a strict person that have self-control and I grew being discipline. I don’t get much help in my life I basically have to do everything on my own. I choose to work in the education group because without education how u be able to be successful in life?

Leilonnie Chase

I love to try new things in the world. I love to sing and write poetry. I am described as a unique person amongst my friends and peers. I love hearing people’s stories and problems and love helping them come up with solutions. I want to go to Spelman College and get a Masters Degree in Business and Management and a Bachelor Degree in Music. I chose to work on the education committee because education is key in life, and i want it be be better for the next generation. There’s is an adage that states it takes a village to raise a child, well education is apart of the village also, I want the future generation to be able to have the same opportunity as the rest of the world, and I know that it’s time to speak up and out to the world.

Rickie Bellamy

Rickie Bellamy was born in Virginia and has lived in Philadelphia, Pa since 1998. I am mixed with African American, Native American and Puerto Rican. Since 2007, I have been an all-around athlete. I have played many sports as football, basketball, lacrosse etc. I live in West Philadelphia. I like to travel a lot during the summer. Since the age of 15 I started collecting sneakers retro Jordan’s, foamposite’s, kd’s, LeBron’s. Also I do very well in school, currently I have a 3.7 gpa. I choose to work in the education group because education is the most important thing a person has.

Destiny Hurtt

My name is Destiny Hurtt and I am an upcoming Senior attending Franklin Learning Center. As a constantly struggling student under my school’s program of Performing Arts, the subject of Education highly interests me because of the unfairness and daily complications I experience while simply pursuing my dream of instrumental music.

Afiya Dolloway

My name is Afiya Dolloway I am from Trinidad. I moved to Philadelphia when I was 11. I attend Franklin Learning Center as a health science major, and I’m going to be starting 11th grade in September. I love to play some sports. I love clothes, and I love to hang out with family and friends. I want to attend Penn State for pre- med and then medical school, because I want to become a general surgeon. I picked education because I want to know more about the future education. I want to know more because I feel as though to become successful you will need some sought of college education.

Crystal Wong

My full name is Crystal Rose Wong and I am fifteen years old. I am of Filipino and Chinese descent. I am currently enrolled as an International Baccalaureate junior at William W. Bodine High School for International Affairs, which is a Blue Ribbon and Magnet public school. I attended middle school at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School for Literacy. I am from Northeast Philadelphia. I aspire to attend an Ivy League University such as Princeton University or University of Pennsylvania and major in Business or/and Public Relations. At Temple University, I am hired by the UCC. We are exploring the issues in relation to the city of Philadelphia’s education. I am excited to work on education because I want to efface the multiple budget cuts that affect us so greatly. I, like many of my peers, are filled with trepidation that the International Baccalaureate program, the AP program, arts, music, and sports will be considered to be cut again.

Tanika Shorts

Hi, my name is Tanika I’m 17, I live in Philadelphia. I’m in the 12th grade, and I to go to school at parkway northwest . I love to do sports such as cheerleading and golf, and other actives such as writing poetry. I am interested in going to CCP which is community college of philadelphia. My education is what’s going to get me to my future goal, which is to be successful. I want a Bachelor degree is Education, I want to teach k-8, but I’m scared for our future generations education system. This is the reason why i choose education.

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