The Forsaken Future



Or should I call it hypocrisy?
Or should I pretend not to know a synonym suitable for the unjust way of which the youth is being used?
After all, my strive for success, the strive for success that radiates from many, is being restrained within some ultimate game of business.
As if those who have the determination to try have no choice but to become the pawns of some huge scheme built on the foundation of a chessboard’s greed to obtain.
But this gain does not come without the consequence of knocking others down in the process.
“Our children are the future,” they say.
How surprising it is that this statement continues on, though ‘they’ continue to strip us of the brightest future the youth can provide by restricting our access to the highest possible level of education.
Almost as if the future must not prosper in order for the present to breathe on as it is.
The future, our future, everyone’s futures are a prospect of happiness or success, a time that has not yet some for most.
Us children have become the successors of the dying future.
And people wonder why we have lost our motivation.

(written by: destiny)
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