We Are The World’s Hope

(poetry from the hearts of the affected)

“The children are our future,” you say
But to enforce the significance of completing education, you must first enforce a solid foundation of motivation;
A necessity to break through self-applied limitations
Thrust upon the developing minds of the youth struggling within our nation
Constant conflicts each day sapping away at their tiny sources of aspiration
Fueled by nothing but news of a failing generation
It is no surprise to see how many believe that they will not be able to make it
Yet they continue powering through despite the unjust circumstances to save our world from breaking
It must be difficult being told to seize the day when it is always being taken
And in comes, with an impact heavy enough to shake the universe, realization
That those doing the taking are the ones they once looked up to in admiration
Then the biggest question becomes: How could you do this to your future?

By: Destiny


They say that we make the world spin
That every child is forgiven for their sins
To never carry the past to the future
That we need kids to move the world forward
But can you really tell the same story to every child
Can you really blame them for being “wild”
‘Cause y’all told them that in the future there would be a change
But y’all never mentioned that it would be them not knowing how to spell their own names
How can every flower bloom if there’s no spring?
How can slaves explore the world when they’re held by chains?
How can you knit a scarf with no string?
How do you know the time if the school bells never ring?
How can a wounded bird leave its mother nest?
How can you be strong when your mind and soul is never at rest?
How can you speak when no one can hear?
How can you shine when ‘they‘ want you to disappear?
They say we have the world in our hands
They say we can make it to the finish line…to the end
Sorry if failure is a part of my vocabulary
But you can’t blame me, ’cause even my papers bleed
From the lies y’all feed me
So yes I’m filled with rage
But we are only names on a school district page
So tell me how we can make this world spin
When you don’t even realize that we are not the same under this layer of skin?

By: Leilonnie

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