Two Sides to Everything Happening

By Leilonie

This week has been very engaging and enjoyable to learn many other things about education that I didn’t know about. The experience with the teachers was great, they was very passionate about what they did. Also the answered each question in detail that caught my attention. I never really got to interview a teacher about education. So, that was a first for me and I enjoyed it. Also my group has watched a documentary called 80 Days: A Year inside an American High School which gave good insight on how the budget cuts affected students and teachers. The film was good in my opinion because instead of hearing a person talk about it I can actually see things that has to do with schools. In addition, the film was about Washington Metropolitan, aka DC Met, has all the problems a modern American high school can have: truancy, teen pregnancy, homelessness, violent crime. On the other hand this week our group had a debate about different topics involving education. It was great to find out that there’s two sides to everything happening involving schools closings, budgets cuts, etc. The debate was good because we had to find different information and combine it to better understand our topic.



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