We Are Fighting The Wrong People (Teachers)

This week was very interesting, I finally got a teacher’s perspective on how teachers felt on the education system and how unfair it was to the students of Philadelphia. I also learned about the education crisis in Washington DC. The School that the video focused on is the DC Metropolitan High school (Mets), and the struggles to keep their school open and their kids off the street. I also learned that the teachers struggles to keep their jobs all because of budget cuts. In addition to this, I also learned how the SRC lost sight of its original goal. I also believe that the SRC of students in Philly worth, and how competition does not determine who we the people are. Anissa and Tom made we realize that we are fighting the wrong people (teachers) in this battle of student getting the right education they deserve that we need to speak to the higher chairs of the school board of education. Also, it made me realize that I can’t expect a change in a day. That even if I am not an excellent outcome of the struggles to get better knowledge but at least the future generation would never know the struggle that education can become in life.

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